Saturday, July 26, 2014

You’re purring in my arms
Your little heart’s going pitter-pat
Let’s go out
I got money
It’s all the same
It always seems the same

It’s the longest day of the year
And you dribble
Into my lap

And instead of reflecting on the source of my good luck
I’m sinking in the feeling that I’m driving the dynamite truck

I’m drunk with power (and booze)

and I can’t stop replaying Eve 6’s “Inside Out” and also “Driving The Dynamite Truck”

I must be stopped at all costs.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

because none of you know what you want to follow me
because i’m not going anywhere
I’ll just bleed so the stars can have something dark
to shine in
look at my legs I am the Nijinsky of dreams

MY COPY OF FRANK STANFORD’S The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You ARRIVED

White Walls - Color Me Depressed


Imagine how great Led Zeppelin would have been if they came after punk. Page having a field day just stealing left and right from the punk groups w/o access to good legal representation, then cut & pasting together three-minute miracles. He could have taken 8 seconds of a Diodes song and turned it into magic. Would’ve made a good punk processor, far beyond what Nirvana managed. At least we still got “Wearing and Tearing’” out of it, right?

I’d almost managed to forget that the boys in Zep chose weird pagan images to represent themselves. And that their fanboys find that bitchin’.


israel just deliberately bombed a UN shelter. if they were mad about the human rights commission inquiry i’m sure that’s an appropriate and proportional response

"Israel’s summer tourism season, already dampened by the outbreak of fighting, has been hit hard by the curtailed air service, and industry officials, including those in Israel’s high-tech sector, have voiced concerns about long-term economic damage. Hamas has trumpeted the flight suspensions as an important military success."

Yes, that paragraph seems like its entirely appropriate and necessary to add after “720 dead in Gaza … estimates up to 3/4 civilians, many of which are women and children.”

This has one on for over two weeks. This is a crime.

I can’t think of the last time I went an entire day without much to say.

Class, work, date, hell even trying to write it down … nothing.


inspirational tbh

"When the music hit you, you feel no pain …"